Simple Pleasures


We’ve got a basic philosophy here at Donnelly.  Enjoy the Simple Pleasures…


Wood smoke misty mornings, long summer evenings, star filled winter nights. Serenity.


Slow down, put your feet up, laugh with the kookaburras at Sundowner, feed the parrots on your verandah in the morning. Take a walk along a bush trail, ride a bike through a field of wild flowers, have a swim in a deep forest lake surrounded by majestic Karris.


Pat a possum, feed a baby kangaroo, make friends with an emu. Chop some wood, make a fire, snuggle by it. Bake a pie in a Metters wood stove. Have an afternoon nap…


None of these things are going to blow your socks off if big excitement’s your thing, but folks tend not to get too excitable when they’re down at the Donnelly, and that’s exactly how they like it.


Families have been holidaying at Donnelly for over thirty years now. Some who first came when they were kids in the 1980s are now bringing their own ankle-biters back to experience the magic.

Letting the kids go free-range and not worrying about where they are is quintessential Donnelly.


Guaranteed, they’re having a ball with their new friends running wild in the bush, flying the fox, building cubbies, having a mud fight at the lake, exploring on their bikes, playing pool in the clubhouse, or taking part in one of our special school holiday workshops.


No worries. They’ll pop up when it’s time for a feed with lots of stories to tell that will make you smile.


Donnelly’s a retreat from the daily grind of life. There are no TVs, phones or internet in the cottages and the village is out of mobile phone range. If someone wants to get you, they leave a message for you at the store.


If you’re not getting a relaxed, honest, old school friendly, generous and genuinely good-value experience during your time at Donnelly, we’d like to hear about how we can make it better, it’s what we’re here to do.